Friday, 22 June 2012

Peanut Buddy Samwich

As many of you may already know, the world lost the snuggliest little piece of Peanut-brittle a few days ago. After suffering an injured disc in her back that left her paralyzed, my loving aunt and uncle made the difficult decision to put her to rest.
Peanut was first introduced to the Rozitis family as a surprise by way of gently telling my mum that none of her kids were quite ready to have grandchildren. Instead, she got Peanut. The teeniest little pup with the softest ears who projectile vomited in the car when she was picked up. My mum let Peanut get away with all the things that Rozi was never allowed to do, probably because of those big brown eyes.
Although she lived only a short four and a half years, little Peanut licked your tears when you were sad, played groundhog when you weren't paying attention to her, and left little puddles of love when you came home from work. She was a dog who loved to be loved more than anything in the world and her favourite pastime was cuddling.

Goodbye Princess Penelope! We are all going to miss your adorable presence. Now you can go snuggle with Mum and Rozi. xoxo.

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