Friday, 24 May 2013

Art Attack

Where in the world is Carman Sandiego have I been these last few weeks? In as few words as possible: yoga. My life has been all-consumed by training, classes, homework, home practice, teaching practice, reading, assistant teaching, all on top of my full-time 40 hour per week job. Only five short weeks and I will be a Yoga Alliance certified 200 Registered Yoga Teacher! But that's not what I'm here to talk about today.

What I would like to show all of you beautiful readers is a sneak peek at some of the artwork that my handsome and talented other half has been concocting. Over the last few months, Kevin has managed to cope with my frequent absences by diving head first into project after project after project. And our flat is starting to feel a bit more like home because of it. 

It all started a number of months ago when he wanted to produce some artwork to brighten up our old flat in Hataitai. The first project was a pair of wooden boards that were converted into a duo of stunning graphic pieces from Built to Spill artwork that now hang on the wall in our lounge. Please bear in mind that these paintings are not of original idea, but are all beautifully hand drawn and painted by the one and only, Kevin Spacey.

This medium turned out to be such a success that over the last few months, a second pair of wooden boards now grace the walls of the mezzanine in our bedroom. These ideas are borrowed from artist Jeremy Fish.

Voila! The finished product:

One down, one more to go.

In between projects, Kevin drew up another Jeremy Fish series on a scraps of brown packing paper. The Pieclops, the Kegasaurus, the Snackalope, and the Assquatch.

Other DIY projects that have come along include our clothesline photo wall, which reminds me everyday of all the incredible people that are in my life and the memories we have created together.

I also coerced Kevin to put together a DIY jewelry display from A Beautiful Mess.

And remember our wooden crate coffee table? Well, we've still got that. But now, we have some new additions to our crate furniture family including our guest bedroom bed frame:

And a refurbished coffee table for our mezzanine.

I am so lucky to have such a talented/do-it-yourself/visionary/easy-on-the-eyes artist/handyman in the house. I soon wonder if we will ever own purchased art and furniture at all. The beauty of it is: it's free, it's fun to make, and it sure provides for some good conversation starters.