Friday, 24 August 2012

Meatless Mondays 2.0

More tales from the weekday kitchen my little lobsters! But you'll see no seafood on these counters, as I'm back with some delicious Meatless Monday recipes. 

The first time Kevin and I tried to make Vietnamese salad rolls turned out to be a big disaster. I bought some sort of rice paper that fully dissolved in water and it resulted in us making Vietnamese salad instead. How was I to know they would dissolve... the packaging is all in Vietnamese!

Second time around, I went to our local asian goods store and got things down pat. With a scrumptious peanut dipping sauce recipe found here, these are right up there on my list. And it turns out that I am more skilled in rolling salad rolls than my male counterpart. After two rolls, he was fired.

This may look like porridge, but actually was my first attempt at making risotto. After lots of stirring, and stirring, and stirring, it turns out I like mushrooms! This Spinach Feta Risotto is much better than it looks, I promise you.

This meal may not appear to be meat-free, but it is! Spicy Black Bean Burgers are a staple in this household. And the nice thing is that you don't need a BBQ, as these are pan-fried. Add whatever condiments and fixings you choose, and you've got yourself a tasty tea.



  1. I am so happy to see you enjoy my Peanut Sauce recipe, thank you so much for trying it out! I love seeing this feedback. You have a terrific blog, look forward to stopping by again soon.